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Healthy Raw Food


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There are plenty of great raw food diet recipes out there. The raw food diet is known as providing a ton of energy, and is probably the ideal diet for the human body. However, a lot of people struggle with it, because they get bored with the lack of choices.

It does not have to be that way. Here are 2 great recipes you can use to make your diet more interesting and give you more options

Raw salad dressing

If you are on the raw food diet, you probably eat a lot of salads. If so, then you will love this dressing. One of the best raw dressing combinations is celery, tomatoes and basil, and perhaps an avocado if you desire.

Just load one celery, a handful of tomatoes and half an avocado in a blender, along with some basil. This is an excellent tasting dressing that is ideal if you are having a salad. It is also quite filling if you use the avocado.

Orange and heirloom slaw wraps

For this, use  to  of a pound of chopped up Nappa cabbage. To give you an idea of quantity, it should fill about 5-6 cups once it has been fully chopped. Then use 3 oranges which have been peeled and seeded. You will also need half an avocado, 2 sprigs of fresh drill and a pound of sliced tomatoes and romaine leaves.

Once you have these ingredients, place the chopped cabbage into a bowl. Then blend 2 of the oranges with the avocado. Put the dill in afterwards, and then toss the dressing along with the cabbage.

At that point, cut the left over orange into chunks and stir it into the slaw. Put that entire concoction into the cabbage leaf, and sprinkle the sliced tomatoes. At that point, all you have to do is wrap it up and eat. If you are sick of traditional salads and want something more interesting, the orange and heirloom slaw recipe is one you should try.


There are lots of great raw recipes out there, but these are 2 of the best. Both will add variety to your diet, and you might want to try them if you are getting bored of regular salads.